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Social Media in Business: South Africa’s Progress 2015

Posted by Kerry Campbell on October 15, 2015 at 12:59 PM
Kerry Campbell


Penquin Social Media Landscape in Business 2015 Header The South African business landscape has changed considerably over the past few years, with the majority of businesses and services participating in social media and online communities.

At the South African Social Media Landscape Briefing, held in September 2015 by Marketing Mix Conferences, we saw exactly how many of South Africa’s businesses are active on social media, which platforms they use, and where they look to extend their reach in 2016.

Arthur Goldstuck presented the overview, which we have summarised in an infographic.

Our infographic below shares:

  • The top 5 social platforms used in business
  • SA businesses’ top 3 highest social media spending areas
  • The top 3 trends in social media improvement going forward

How does your business measure up, and how do you plan to increase your reach, engagement, and conversion in social over the coming year?

Penquin Infographic South African Social Media Landscape in Business 2015

Measurement is key in any marketing campaign.

To see how your social media measures up to other sales drivers, and optimise your campaigns accordingly, download our Metrics eBook.

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