Deloitte’s Holiday Report: The Focus is on Family

Posted by Panda on December 28, 2015 at 9:00 AM

Deloitte_Report_Header.pngWe’ve discussed how to manage your customers’ concerns this holiday season, with some brave and interesting ideas – and these ideas, with the data from the Deloitte holiday survey, seem to hold true for the coming year.

Take a look at the data collected by Deloitte in their yearly Holiday Report, released on the 7th December.

Penquin's 'Deloitte Report' Summary Infographic

Penquin Infographic Deloitte Report Findings

What does this research mean for you and your marketing, in the long run? 

  • Giving consumers value is a key priority. Surprise them. Think outside the box. 

Be Kind to Customers: Christmas at Aunt Ednas

  • Involving your brand in development and growth of communities will give you an edge: you have to get your hands dirty. Gone are the days of sponsoring charity events. If you are truly sincere and authentic, then show it and shout about it. Celebrate your involvement in the community and tell a compelling story… your story.
  • Campaigning for sustainable and environmentally responsible practises within your business allows for a greater sense of comfort with your brand. This has to be well-thought-out and communicated appropriately. A sticker on packaging won’t suffice. Tell a story of the company’s involvement. Who are the people spearheading these practices, and why are they so passionate?

  • Simplicity is king, in gifting and communication. Follow the KISS protocol: Keep It Simple, Stupid. Allow customers to weigh up their options. Your product may be more expensive, but this does not mean that you should avoid speaking about the elephant in the room. Talk about the 'why?': the quality, uniqueness, best in class status and other features that set your product apart. Make the decision simple, or at least make your product and its pricing simple to understand. The more confident a consumer is in their purchase decision, the more likely they will be to choose the product that elicits this, regardless of price.

Getting Started: Selling to the right crowd

  • Your brand must show that it embraces the consumers’ shifting priorities, and can provide a great experience for the family-focused consumer. Change or die. Brand heritage will only get you so far, so be bold. Take measured risks. Evaluate. Change again. Just like any relationship, if one party becomes dull and monotonous as the other party grows and changes, the general consensus is that the relationship is over. 

Navigating the Festive marketing maze

Follow these guidelines into 2016, and let us know how your consumer relationships are progressing. 

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