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Posted by Panda on January 27, 2016 at 8:48 AM
Customer Experience in action header In our Holiday Marketing Tips series, we discussed the benefits of giving your consumers truly helpful information, services, and ideas. We also emphasised the importance of an ongoing loyalty drive, to maintain your customer engagement throughout the year. 
Navigating the Festive marketing maze

We've found the perfect example of how this kind of campaign and offering is being executed, with the announcement of Ford's new 'Fordpass' in Adage this month. 


How Ford has taken disruptive thinking to the user-experience arena:

The idea is to become more than just a car manufacturer, by offering services like navigation help, ride-sharing, and a functionality that helps you (yes, actually helps you) to find parking

Existing customers can connect directly with dealers to schedule services and maintenance, and the app offers a wide range of other perks to users, even those who are not Ford drivers. Watch the video below, and see how the application of bold marketing moves can be simply and effectively put into motion. 

You can get updates from on when and how your country will be getting in on the action. 

This trend is gaining popularity all over the world, and is worth looking into as a solid way to drive consumer loyalty and engagement. For another great example, take a look at the recently launched UberEATS.

Uber has stepped out of their primary field in order to provide more helpful services to clients in selected countries. In South Africa, we have the beginnings of this in the select deliveries done primarily on Fridays. We are excited to watch the trend grow, and see UberEATS arrive on our shores. 


Consumers are your most important asset, and learning how to tap into their wants and needs can give you a solid advanage against your competitors. 


Consumer Value as promoters

Talk to us for ways to take your consumer engagement to the next exciting level. 

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