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4 Things you can do to improve your marketing

Posted by Penquin on March 16, 2017 at 9:00 AM
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So, let me guess.  Your marketing efforts started strong.  You knew your funnels inside out and back to front; and they worked for you too.  Calls to action were answered, and the conversion rates looked good.  But over time you got busy with other things; other aspects of business and life took over.  When we take our eye off the ball, things start to slip.  

Don’t worry; we’ve all been there.  But what can you do?

Revisiting your marketing campaigns, or even starting over, needn’t be a chore.  

Follow our tips to make things manageable, efficient and effective.  Let’s get you out of your marketing rut!


1. Focus your strategy

Overly complicated marketing plans are a common cause for getting into a rut.  If deep down you know you are a little overwhelmed and perhaps avoiding your work, then don’t ignore that.  Take it as a sign that your strategy needs to be focused - and this focus needs to be communicated.

Successful marketing strategies are often those that are complex, yet focused and manageable.  You don’t always need fifteen different lead capture forms.  Strip things back to the essentials.  You will feel more in control and able to focus on getting the results you need.  Keep the end point in mind.


2. Mind map your funnels

We’ve all heard tales of entrepreneurs scribbling their business plans on the backs of beer mats.  Whether that’s an exaggeration or not, I can’t say for sure.  But what I do know is that if you fail to plan then you plan to fail.

Invest in the biggest whiteboard/blackboard/sheet of paper you can get your hands on, and draw out your marketing funnels from start to finish so that you can see the whole journey on one page.  And then, don’t forget to make it manageable! And measurable.  At Penquin we have a super large blackboard and a gorgeous bamboo table which is where a lot of our brainstorming and mapping happens.

Penquin black board


3. Create a content calendar

Is your rut affecting your creativity?  If you find it hard to dream up fresh content, and most of us do, then a content calendar is a simple solution.

Sit down with a coffee and a notepad, and brainstorm your content ideas for the next couple of months. Plot those out in a calendar, so you won’t be stuck for ideas at short notice.

Remember to treat your content as a product - this is a great mechanism to then make sure that you are monitoring the quality of your content as well as ensuring that you are measuring it.


Workplace with tablet pc showing calendar and a cup of coffee on a wooden work table close-up.jpeg


4. Set an achievable goal

You could say that getting out of your marketing rut is a goal in itself, but it is a rather intangible one. How do you know when you have achieved your goal of busting out of your rut?

There is no visible finish line to cross, no medal around your neck to make it obvious that you got there. So my tip here is to set yourself some tangible goals that you can physically see and check off your list.

This could be something like a 2% increase in your email marketing open rate.  Or it could be a boost in web traffic, or a higher reach on social media.  Take a look over your recent stats and choose a goal for yourself. Whatever the goal is, make sure that it’s SMART (Specific - Measurable - Attainable - Realistic - Time driven).  

Little wins like this count, so remember to celebrate them and keep yourself motivated.


A Goal Without a Plan Is Just A Wish sign with a desert background.jpeg

For some more great ideas on ensuring your goals are SMART and that you stay productive and focused, have a look at our post on productivity.

And most importantly of all, enjoy it!  Marketing is a rewarding task.  

If you want some more in depth insights have a look at our blogs on The project management mistakes you’re making , How to be more productive and What type of procrastinator are you?

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