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6 Marketing quick-wins

Posted by Veronica Wainstein on December 5, 2016 at 8:00 AM
Veronica Wainstein
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A lot of marketing is about the long game, but here are 5 easy actions you can take right now to make a difference to your marketing ROI. 

There are ways in which you can amp up your marketing efforts without having to change your entire strategy or breaking the bank. Use this list of quick-wins you can add to your marketing to save you money and bring your more customers.

1. Make sure your contact details are visible

It’s not good enough to just have your contact details on your website, and don’t leave it as a form for hopeful’s to fill in. You have to be contactable everywhere, so check your social media pages and make sure that your contact details easily accessible on every platform. Do the same with your email signatures.

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2. Make everything as easy as possible for your consumer

People don’t have time for long-winded stories: they want to know what you can offer them, how they can get in contact with you and how easy it is to complete the transaction with as little ‘work’ as possible. In the digital age, ‘work’ includes clicking through to different pages, excessive scrolling or needing to do extensive searches to find what they need.

  • Provide links to reference articles and to your social media pages so that they can get more of you, but with little effort
  • Make sure that information is short and to the point and above all transparent.
3. Use analytics, they’re there for a reason 
  • Use analytics such as tracking links and search data to determine what type of information users are searching for, what they are consuming the most of as well as what they are sharing with their peers
  • Analyse the pages with the highest bounce rate and come up with a way to fix them
  • Provide a heatmap for your website so that you can track where the hotspots are, this will help you determine whether the information and call-to-action buttons are in the right place/s
4. Make use of PR

Keep your brand, company or product top of mind by constantly staying in the news.

  • Send out regular, relevant press releases
  • Start a NEWS section on your website and keep it updated with the latest developments
  • Use social media as a form of PR. Tell stories on Facebook and Instagram with video and images and send blog links out via Twitter.
5. Remain consistent

The one thing that costs nothing and is worth everything, is consistency.

  • Make sure that your vanity URLs, social media names and web domains are as consistent as possible.
  • It may be a good idea to register your brand name across all major social media sites so that you don’t get confused with somebody else that has nothing to do with your business
  • Write a strong compelling biography for your business and then ensure that each platform echoes the same sentiment
6. Add verbs and action words to your website

Don’t make potential customer’s guess what they need to do next, or how they’re going to get what they want. Buttons and tabs like ‘Call us’, ‘Learn more’, ‘Subscribe’ and ‘Book a consultation’ will help your customers to take quick action.  

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