But is it ART? The Anatomy of Design in Marketing

Posted by Darren Leishman on March 28, 2016 at 9:20 AM

But is it ART? Design Anatomy Header Penquin Blog Design is one of the key drivers for engagement in advertising, and getting it right for your target audience and buyer personas is crucial.

What we find is a huge disconnect between what works, and what people perceive great design to be. What you have to remember is that design, by definition, is art with a function.

It’s art that communicates a message, and that aligns with a strategy to influence consumers and engage on any platform.  

Tweet: #Design is #art that #communicates a message, and that aligns with a #strategy. #Infographic http://bit.ly/1QIVDDv

We’ve put together a designer's take on art and creativity, to take you through the process of making great graphic communications. This means it’s a design. But also art. Print it out. Frame it. Put it on your wall.

But is it Art? Penquin's infographic on what makes great design             

Share this post with people who are inspired, and want a simple way to break down the design process for their clients or readers. 

Tweet: But is it ART? The Anatomy of #Design in #Marketing: Infographic by @Penquin_Ads  http://bit.ly/1QIVDDv


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