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Choosing a Virtual Event Platform – your checklist to online event success!

Posted by Michele Rogers on July 21, 2021 at 9:46 AM

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As South Africa once again enters another devastating wave of COVID, corporates are once again gearing up to continue with hosting their events and meetings virtually. Understandably after nearly a year of lockdown, many attendees are virtually fatigued. Thankfully at Penquin, we have experience in organising events that will keep attendees engaged.

There are multiple moving parts to consider when organising and hosting a successful event. Although the event industry has seen a growth in virtual event platforms, picking the perfect platform can be overwhelming. Over the past year Penquin has tried and tested numerous platforms and is excited to have partnered with one of South Africa’s top virtual platforms to allow us to offer our clients a seamless virtual event experience. Together our team has hosted the Rentokil National Sales Conference, Entrepreneurs Organisation Accelerator event and more recently the Africa Agency Tech Summit 2021.

The Flock Event Platform is an all-in-one platform that offers you incredible features that are integral to a successful virtual event. Here is a checklist to choosing the right virtual platform for your event and why Flock ticks every box.

What is the Goal of your event?  

The first question you need to ask yourself is - Why are you producing this event? You know the skeleton of your strategy for the event. Are you hosting an event that requires breakaway sessions? Are you wanting the delegates to network? Are you showcasing new products / services? Are you hosting entertainment acts? Will you be doing live polls? Once you have a better understanding of your event vision, you can easily search for a platform that can bring that to life!

 An on-demand support team for the organizer and a live chat support feature for the attendee
Technology can be unpredictable with the smallest of hiccups affecting the attendee experience and engagement. We provide an on-call support team for the dry run and live event to manage any tech problems that may arise, meaning you can focus on other elements. The highly skilled tech team is on hand to provide immediate support and ensure technical glitches are a thing of the past.

Personalized branding

Your event website is one of the first impressions you make on your attend. The event portal needs to be professional as it sets the tone for your event. The Flock Eventing Platform allows you to create an event site in minutes without needing coding knowledge through simple easy to use templates that are customisable to ensure your brand always shines.

Real-time and post-event data analytics 

As an event planner it is always important to be able to get real-time analytic reports. These reports are hugely beneficial in your post event SWOT analysis as it offers key learnings such as estimating the ROI on your event. This platform provides you with detailed reports within 24 hours of completing your event.

Individual attendee engagement opportunities 

It is imperative that you select a platform that allows your attendees to engage not only with each other but also with the speakers. Such features could be a hand-raising feature, live polling function, live chat box and direct messaging. Having attendee engagement options allows your attendee to feel included and naturally will allow for a more appealing event for the attendee. Alongside all of the above features, the Flock platform also allows for live announcements to attendees and breakaway rooms for conference sessions.

Streamlined RSVP management

Managing your RSVPs properly is key to the success of any event. Offering an online RSVP management system allows for this process to be streamlined and easy manageable. All the attendee data is password protected which means you are also remaining POPI compliant. And of course, we are all for being environmentally friendly!

Event Communication


Ongoing communication with your registered attendees is imperative. Choose a platform that allows you to send branded communication / emails from the system to all registered attendees. This communication can include reminder mailers, information around event highlights and thank you emailers. All communication sent comes from one email address to ensure timeous response on queries and streamlining of the RSVP process.


If you want to take your event online, lets chat! We have got extensive experience in planning virtual events that will keep your brand top of mind. 


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