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Doodle With Penquin: 2016's Interactive Offering

Posted by Penquin on January 13, 2016 at 9:18 AM

Penquin Doodle Books Header Blog

2016 Edition of Penquin's Doodle Book inspires creativity and uniqueness

Penquin recently launched the seventh edition of its iconic Doodle Book. Conceptualised and executed in 2009 for the first time, the Doodle Book has reinvented itself every year, in shape, size and material, and has become a "must have" for the agency's clients.

The original issue was created as a combined doodle and voucher notebook. The second edition took on a comic book style, with the elements of Strategy, Creative, Media and Activation depicted as superheroes, and the agency as their unifying force. In 2012 it transformed to "Going Green" with reconditioned cardboard covers and recycled paper. 

Penquin Doodle Book Box and Covers
Penquin then launched the first box set of Doodle Books for 2016, featuring the artistic individuality of the agency creatives, by showcasing their designs on the covers of the five-book set. The idea is that the artwork is drawn by hand, or doodled, rather than graphically created on a computer. This edition of the Doodle Book has been inspired by change and a person's ability to transform their identity and distinguish their originality.  

Managing Director Darren Leishman Penquin Doodle Book Covers says "We are tired of being limited by the brands and companies who create products for us that are neither personalised nor customised to our needs. We want to embrace our individuality and express our personal style. No longer are we satisfied with a one size fits all solution. Differentiating ourselves from the crowd is a human need that we satisfy with the things we own, places we go, and the way we dress. Tattoos are a perfect example of our own power of differentiation, used to make a statement of originality."

In keeping with this dynamic trend, the agency has created a compilation kit which allows the recipient to become the creator of their own Doodle Book. The books are customisable by choice of paper, number of pages and cover art, and these can be exchanged with others to make the Doodle Book uniquely individual.

Penquin's clients have once again fallen in love with the new edition and have already issued the challenge for 2017, asking how the agency can possible improve on the current edition. Penquin is looking forward to the challenge.

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