Getting Started: Selling to the Right Crowd

Posted by Darren Leishman on October 29, 2015 at 10:30 AM


Know who you're talking to header: Targeting BlogFinding your target audience

When you start your business or move into new territory with an existing business, your marketing strategy can be one of the most challenging requirements to check off the list. Why? Because we have to find the people who want what we’re selling, and this is no simple feat.

Consumers are not a component of our business: they are the reason we have one

Selecting a target audience can take time, but knowing the steps you need to take to identify one, and the processes to follow in order to ensure effective and productive engagement can save you the stress of uncertainty.

A simple guide to targeting

This simple infographic serves as a reminder of the questions you need to ask yourself when selecting an audience, and a checklist of the continuing processes you need to follow to ensure consistency and well-targeted communications.Targeting in the Consumer Journey: Getting Started Infographic


For more on targeting and selecting your audience, you can download our comprehensive buyer’s journey infographic or contact us to help you identify what your consumer journey looks like. Find, understand, and engage them for exceptional consumer feedback and promotion.

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