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Our key takeaways from Web Summit 2020 [PART 2]

Posted by Hannes Joubert on January 28, 2021 at 9:34 AM

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What are our key takeaways from Web Summit 2020 and what does it mean for your business?

As one of the largest technology conferences in the world, Web Summit is designed to bring people together and redefine the global tech industry.

According to Sensorium Corporation, an advanced social VR platform, “From the funny Zoom meetings to the endless Slack threads, technology has taken a more serious role in our lives. Today, we work, learn, and even stay fit thanks to new technologies. Staying on top of tech trends is vital to leverage that power and keep improving our lives regardless of what surprises the world has for us.”

In our previous article, 3 trends from Web Summit 2020 you can implement right now, we discussed the key trends you can implement in your integrated marketing strategy this year. 

These were:

  • Businesses using artificial intelligence will take the lead.
  • Creating dynamic content and experiences.
  • Social media is the key to connectivity.

 In this article, we will explore two key takeaways from our Account Manager, Hannes Joubert.

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Achieve great things by taking the first step

One of our favourite sessions was Things you can learn from the Acapulco cliff divers, where Burger King’s CMO, Fernando Machado, discussed how divers give him and the company ideas and inspiration. 

The Acapulco cliff divers originate from the Mexican city La Quebrada, famous for its rugged cliffs, where professional divers entertain crowds by diving 40 metres into the Pacific Ocean. 

According to Machado, “The cliff divers talk of having to start somewhere, of how the first jump is the scariest, but how when they progress to greater heights those early stages look easy in comparison. Cliff divers experience ruptured eardrums, cracked ribs, broken arms, but none, they say, have ever died doing it.” 

When talking about marketing and advertising, however, Machado continues: 

The worst that can happen is nothing. Nothing is the most common outcome of marketing. You do something, nobody notices, it doesn’t move the needle. That happens a lot if you don’t try to do something that is different and bold.” 

Our takeaway for marketing is to achieve great things. Start with the first small step by simply jumping in instead of waiting and finding reasons for why you shouldn’t start and take that first leap of faith. It’s also important to be relevant and open to criticism. Don’t avoid criticism, because nobody will then notice you.

Top marketing tips for the implementation of great ideas and inspiration

  • The first jump is scary, but when you progress to greater heights, the earlier stages become easier.
  • Don’t be afraid to take chances and experiment with new ideas in marketing and advertising.
  • Always test everything you do.

The key takeaway for your brand: Jump in and do it!

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Build an inclusive and innovative culture

Another exciting topic was that of “inclusivity” where Meghan Sharp, Global Head of bp ventures, discussed diversity and inclusion in her session, How to build an inclusive innovation culture. She shared her insights on why diversity and inclusion matter in innovation. 

According to Wolff Olins, a brand consultancy based in London, “While fantastic, we can't innovate through Zoom. To innovate means to collaborate: you need to get diversity of people who have lived experience and backgrounds to come together to explore a shared problem and to find new opportunities for new outcomes for change.”

At Penquin, we believe in diversity, as it allows more than one type of culture to give their input to reach the end result. It’s vital to remember that you will experience some sort of friction within a diverse group of people, but if you move forward as a team and understand each other’s values, beliefs and cultural differences, you can focus on the real things that matter in your company.

Methods and Mastery, a social marketing agency, believes “Gathering data and insights about your target audience can help you avoid the pitfall of trying to sell your story to everyone. Data can help brands become more aware of the increasingly different needs their different customers have. Understanding the distinct character and priorities of the communities and individuals you serve can help your brand evolve its story so that it’s closer and more responsive to their customers.”

Top marketing tips to promote cultural diversity in your company

  • Evaluate your team – do they portray diversity and inclusivity? 
  • Make sure every voice is heard!
  • Think in culturally diverse ways.

The key takeaway for your brand: Believe in what you stand for, but always encourage different perspectives and opinions.

In summary

COVID-19 had a big impact on our lifestyles and the way in which businesses operate. But, if you have a talented team that understands your target market, creating and implementing an integrated marketing strategy in 2021 will ensure company inclusivity and overall growth. The secret is just jumping in and getting started!

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