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Report card: how to grade your client service team [CHECKLIST]

Posted by Ryan Nofal & Sean Devlin on August 23, 2018 at 7:08 PM

Report card: how to grade your client service team [INFOGRAPHIC]

Imagine if you could grade your client service team at your advertising agency, giving them a report card on their service. What would you score them on, and how would you rate them on these characteristics?

Your client service team are the champions of your brand within your advertising agency. Their job is to understand the inner workings of your brand and your industry to the best of their ability - so that they can help you build a strategy that not only helps you grow your business, but delights your customers and keeps them coming back for more!

But how do you measure their performance?

There are a few ways for you to tell whether your client service relationship is a true partnership.

How to measure your agency’s client service team

Your client service team goes above and beyond what is expected

While there’s no tangible measurement for going above and beyond expectations, if your client service team comes to the rescue in an emergency without solicitation, you know that you’re working with a true partner who cares about your brand as much as you do.

The relationship is open and honest

There should be open sharing of information (the good, the bad and the ugly). This means both parties should be keeping each other in the loop - especially if a campaign isn’t performing well or a deadline (whether on client side or agency side) isn’t going to be met.

A successful client service team and client relationship requires the willingness to negotiate and compromise from both sides - this ultimately is not about the individuals but the wellbeing of the brand. Part of open and honest communication, is feeling comfortable pushing back when you don’t agree with each other - because you know that no one will be aggrieved by you saying no. Need to mention that this ultimately is not about the individuals but the wellbeing of the brand  

Both companies derive mutual benefit from the partnership

For both companies to derive mutual benefit from the relationship, the client’s campaigns should be performing well and both partners (client and agency) should be generating new business as well as current business.

Qualities to look out for: what makes an exceptional client service person?

Exceptional client service staff have several skills and characteristics in common. Here’s a breakdown of the hard and soft skills needed in order to succeed in client service:

penquin 1

penquin 2

How to foster a good working relationship with your client service team

If you would like to build a strong partnership with your client service team, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. As we mentioned above, keep communication between teams open, honest and transparent at all times.
  2. Both teams need to be consistent with decision making - if you make a decision, stick to it and take accountability
  3. Be respectful and professional. Unless it’s an informal setting (like a party), both teams need to respect each other’s time and areas of expertise.

Why a service level agreement (SLA) is vital to a successful agency-client partnership

Your SLA sets out the terms of your relationship with your agency. It defines each party’s role and responsibilities, and ensures that everyone is on the same page when it comes to goals and objectives, official communication channels, project plans and deadlines to be met.

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