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Social round-up and key takeaways from INBOUND19

Posted by Penquin on September 13, 2019 at 2:24 PM

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Our team recently attended INBOUND19 in Boston, USA. Here’s a round up of the best social posts and key takeaways from the event.

Ryan Nofal, Penquin Client Service Director and Melissa Mays, Penquin Account Director, recently attended INBOUND19 in Boston, along with our sister agency, Spitfire Inbound. INBOUND is an annual experience uniting super curious, question-asking professionals with big-name and break-out industry thinkers, high-octane events, and boundless education sessions. 

Every year, salespeople, marketers and entrepreneurs come to learn, inspire and connect with each other and industry professionals. 

Speakers: Who did Mel and Ryan enjoy most at INBOUND19?

This year it featured four, action-packed days of inspiring talks from speakers such as Elizabeth Gilbert, Jennifer Garner and John Foraker, Janelle Monae and Alexis Ohanian, plus educational breakout sessions led by innovative marketing, sales, and customer success practitioners.

Here are some of the sessions the team attended:

  • Elizabeth Gilbert - Spotlight 
  • Jennifer Garner and John Foraker - Spotlight
  • Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah - Spotlight
  • Meena Harris - Building a movement for female empowerment through social media
  • Karen Rubin - Your product is never going to be ready: lessons learned from over 15 product launches
  • Eric M Bailey - The cure for stupidity
  • Adam Markel - 7 Keys to being a great speaker
  • Anese Cavanaugh - you are contagious: how your presence creates your impact (& what to do about it)

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Key takeaways from INBOUND19

So, what did Ryan and Melissa gain from attending INBOUND19? Here are some of their top learnings and key takeaways.

Which were the stand-out talks for you?

Melissa:  They all left us walking away with something different. As much as it’s a conference about business, it’s also philosophical and has had an impact on my personal life. Elizabeth Gilbert was captivating. That talk was geared around talking about the human spirit.

Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah. They lived up to their reputation and they are incredible speakers. They were engaging and their content was invaluable.

Ryan: Eric M Bailey’s “Cure For Stupidity” was not disappointing at all. If you’re interested to know what the cure for stupidity is, you’ll have to attend this month’s Johannesburg HUG (HubSpot User Group). Here’s a sneak peak: he spoke about the paradigm shift and getting into a different mindset.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used to create them.” - Albert Einstein 

Who should attend this conference and why?

Melissa: There’s so much value to be gained for anyone in the agency environment, not just people who are involved in content. It’s ideal for anyone who wants to learn how to engage with people on a daily basis. Heightening your ability to connect and be a better you. What you can bring back into your own environment, regardless of which department you work in. We sell inbound, so I have experience in selling this service, however, this is not just a sales gimmick, we have to have empathy with our clients, and INBOUND19 taught me that.

What was the biggest piece of value that you took away from the event?

Ryan: There were so many invaluable insights that I gained - from ideas on account-based marketing from Brian Keller, to great business value adds from Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah. Personally, I found great value in the overall theme of communication and culture within the workplace. They provided really interesting ways of building culture and creating happier, more engaged staff.

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Social highlights from INBOUND19

Here’s a Tweet round-up of some of our favourite social posts from INBOUND19 - both from the Penquin and Spitfire team and from Inbounders around the world.


Trevor Van Rensburg, Commercial Director of our sister agency, Spitfire Inbound, spinning the flywheel.


The inbound marketing methodology is not only an important element of an integrated marketing strategy, but at the forefront of customer-centricity and is leading the way for future-fit agencies. 

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