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How Your Brand Can Keep Marketing's Promises

Posted by Veronica Wainstein on April 26, 2016 at 9:47 AM
Veronica Wainstein
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Omnichannel marketing header strategy alignment

Business buy-in to brand promise: the key to making marketing effective.

Regardless of differences of opinion about marketing, when a new strategy is developed. the entire business needs to align, with marketing in that number, to ensure that the entire organisation is on board and able to deliver on marketing's promises.

The fact of the matter is that when business strategy is neglected, advertising strategy, creative concept, unlimited budget, multi-media plan and a receptive audience can become negated because of poor planning.  Budgets are wasted, time and time again, because we say what we do, but do we really do what we say?

Integrated campaigns, 360◦ solutions, or omnichannel strategies are treated as silos in which advertising steams ahead with cool ideas that have the same messaging across all their channels.  In reality, they are campaigns that require an understanding of absolutely every single touch point that a customer may have in your organisation, and making sure that each and every one of those touchpoints are aligned with each other and with the client's business objectives.    


10 Integral Touchpoints on the consumer Journey


When integrated channels do align perfectly, the action plan is inspiring

Our top three examples are influenced by straightforward word of mouth, and feedback from clients and employees alike on who they think has strategy alignment down to a fine art:

  • Woolworths - From their online resources right through to the in-store purchase experience, Woolworths knows what's up. Their site aligns with in-store specials, there is no discrepancy between what their digital media is communicating and what the store or head office employees know, and their communication lines up perfectly on every level.


  • FNB - FNB gives service to customers that is entirely structured to embody their tagline: 'How can we help you?'. And help they do - the entire structure is set up to help customers simplify their lives. eBucks, a free loyalty program? Check. Online shopping options with your ebucks? Check. Cheaper flights? Check. Discounted shopping vouchers? Check. Simplfying the cellphone-contract terror? Check. Private bankers who know exactly what these benefits should and can do? Check. That's a lot of checks. Let's move on.


  • Takealot - This online store always has what people need. They deliver on time, their returns policy is excellent, and their social media and email communication is on point, regarding all queries or feedback an online shopper may have.

The main thing that these services have in common? They are all committed to creating a phenomenal shopping experience, and, in fact, have teamed up to make it happen. Relationships that are built from really fantastic shopping experiences make happy customers, and happy customers are loyal customers.

Consumer Value as promoters

Use your strategy as your guide constantly, and don't lose sight of your business objectives. It's much easier to deliver on a promise to a customer if your business is right behind you. 


If you'd like more on Integrated marketing tactics, download our Integrated marketing guide to help you with your next strategy. 

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