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The 6 millennials you'll meet

Posted by Lucille Moreton on October 3, 2016 at 6:00 AM
Lucille Moreton
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What are Millennials?

Put simply, it’s the group of people who were born between 1980 and 2000 and have somehow been lumped together into the mystical category of the millennial generation.

Knowing the blanket term ‘millennial’ is too broad to refer to everyone between the ages of 16 to 36 years old, Contently has put together an infographic of the 6 different types of millennials you may find in the wild:

  1. The Futurennial - everyone knows this guy. He was convinced Google Glass was going to change the world, and he probably owns more than one drone. If there’s a new gadget, he has it.  
  2. Saved by the Bellennial - the 90s kid, or, everyone on Buzzfeed. With a strong affinity for the 90s, this millennial longs to live in the world of Dawson’s Creek, choker necklaces and terrible makeup. As long as they don’t have to give up their highspeed internet, of course.
  3. Anti-Marketing-Constructennial - this is the guy who will wear second hand clothes, rock the ‘side-shave’ and talk about how he refuses to be marketed to, despite the fact that he only drinks artisanal coffee.
  4. Brandennial - MacBook Pro? Check. Gucci sunglasses? Check. A $120 (~1600 ZAR) white cotton t-shirt? Check. If it’s branded, they buy it.   
  5. Student Debtennial - This is the person who is still paying off student loans. Still living at home. Still wondering if their degree was really worth it.
  6. Actual millennial - Everyone else who doesn’t fit neatly into one of the millennial categories.

Here’s the full infographic from Contently. Where do you fit?



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