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Traditional Media in a Digital Age: An overview

Posted by Veronica Wainstein on September 18, 2015 at 12:36 PM
Veronica Wainstein
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Understanding the role of traditional media in a new marketing environment.

We are often asked if traditional media is still relevant in this day and age, where information is so readily available on digital platforms.

We say yes, because traditional media can be a great support to other mediums in an integrated strategy. However, close examination of individual brands and needs will influence how we proceed.

*There is no universal media hierarchy, ranking ‘Most Effective – Least Effective’.

As Page1 Online Marketing says:

“Traditional advertising is still alive and well and not likely to fade from popularity any time soon”.

Just one of many channels

Traditional media, with all of its channels, is only a part of the mix that you will need to accomplish you marketing goals.

It acts as a support for all your other channels – digital, social, and direct. Seriously Simple Marketing gives a breakdown of what you should look at when selecting your media. Along with cost and reach, they add that the type and immediacy of response you want will influence your selection.

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Establishing the media requirement:

The method of establishing a media mix is dependent on four main factors:

  • The desired impact
  • The required reach
  • The frequency of messaging
  • The marketing budget

The maintenance of the media mix depends heavily on measurement. Re-examining your campaigns at regular intervals and optimising them based on their performance is key.

The objective of your business and your marketing mix

In addition, your business objectives have an effect on the selection of your media. Darren Leishman, Penquin MD, suggests that you ask yourself these two questions to clarify your objectives and needs:

  • Is your business local, regional, or global? The differing requirements to achieve objectives for each category will influence your media selection greatly.
  • Do you need a consistently high volume of regular transactions (as in retail), or are you looking for a few key customers who make high-value, considered purchases?

Using your business requirement as a guide will result in the selection of the most practical, effective, and measurable media for your company.  


Measurement is a key factor in any marketing campaigns. If you are not getting the data you need, re-look at your strategy.

  • Digital gives valuable, advanced insights on the performance of your campaign
  • Social monitoring allows for exceptional brand-sentiment assessment
  • Television and radio allow you to target broadly segmented audiences

 Aristotle Quote Whole is Greater than the sum of its parts Penquin CI

Keeping the mix relevant

Measurement and analysis will ensure that you are continually revising your media in order to maximise its effectiveness, and ensure that your budget is optimised for the right results.

For measurement tips that will help you to structure and justify your spend – no matter which media you select – have a look at our Marketing Metrics eBook:


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