IAB Digital Summit 2016: Engage with the Future of Advertising

Posted by Penquin on March 3, 2016 at 4:42 PM

Peter Langschmidt Quote Marketers judge consumers on the contents of their wallets not their kitchens IAB Digital SummitOur media team attended the IAB Digital Summit 2016, and we've compiled the tweets, the pictures, and the graphics into an overview of what's new, what's important, and what to expect. 


What's new in Digital Media? 

Enzo Scarcella Quote IAB Digital Media Summit The Future of Communication

You're doing digital.

So what's important? 



Remember these points on how to engage online, and what kind of communication to use: 

Guy Phillipson on how to engage digitally

And what to expect in your digital marketing endeavours? 

Expect everything. 

Ros Atkins on Digital Marketing at Digital Summit 2016

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